Take your wholesale business online

Streamline your Wholesale business with Get Grahak. Improve inventory management, optimize processes, and increase profits with tailored web and mobile applications. Share your needs, and we'll craft an ideal solution for you.


Why build a custom website?


Whether it's accurately tracking your orders or going through your business's analytics, staying organized matters. Optimize your time & finances by developing a website or application that enables efficient management of your entire business and customer satisfaction. Our no-code solution lets you build your online empire in just a few minutes.

What can I build?


Unlock the potential of Get Grahak, an exclusive tailored solution for your enterprise. Elevate your online business voyage with an impressive website and user-friendly mobile apps for iOS and Android. Stay ahead with in-depth analytics, effortless integration across 20+ modules, and a diverse range of secure payment gateways. Envision greatness, and we'll bring it to life. Your ideas, our expertise.

  • Electronics Wholesale

    Take your wholesale business to the next level with Get Grahak. Get Grahak’s extensive facilities like POS system, a great variety of themes and templates, app & website builder, and many more will boost your customer’s shopping experience.

  • Fashion Apparel Wholesale

    Looking to build your fashion apparel wholesale business? Look no further than Get Grahak. Our range of features are perfect to carry out your business hassle-free. Streamline your operations, expand your product range, and reach new customers effortlessly.

  • Office Supplies Wholesale

    Struggling to create the perfect online store for your Office Supplies Wholesale business? Try Get Grahak. We offer competitive pricing with great facilities to set up your ecommerce store in just a few minutes.

  • Health and Wellness Wholesale

    Embark into the healthcare industry with zero hassle. Leave your online store creation struggle to us. Get Grahak is your one-stop solution where you get your own website and app for absolutely free. Just pay Rs 9 for each order placed and enjoy all the benefits of abundant cart, loyalty program, amazing integrations and many more.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. What is point-of-sale feature?

    This software operates the checkout, manages barcodes, processes payments, and updates customer loyalty points.

  • 2. What are the benefits of computerizing a Wholesale store?

    Embracing digital gives you many time and money-saving benefits: automatically calculate your orders, reach a wider audience and simplify payment management.

  • 3. Is a custom website for Wholesale businesses expensive?

    The price varies depending on the features your software needs. But at Get Grahak you get an abundant cart, loyalty, real-time inventory, along with other facilities at just Rs 9 per order.

  • 4. How long does it take to build a business website?

    With Get Grahak you can build your Wholesale website in just 2 minutes. It's effective and simple. Also, you get to create your Android or iOS application at no extra cost.

Case studies

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