Build Your Custom Grocery & FMGC Store

Simplify your Grocery & FMGC business with Get Grahak. Enhance inventory management, streamline processes, and boost profits through customized website & mobile apps. Let us know your requirements, and we'll create the perfect solution for you.


Why build a custom website for Grocery & FMGC?


Whether it's accurately tracking your orders or going through your business's analytics, staying organized matters. Optimize your time & finances by developing a website or application that enables efficient management of your entire business and customer satisfaction. Our no-code solution lets you build your online empire in just a few minutes.

What can I build?


Experience the power of Get Grahak, a customised solution designed exclusively for your business. Enhance your online business journey with a stunning website and user-friendly iOS or Android app. Stay ahead with comprehensive analytics, seamless integration with over 20 modules, and a wide selection of secure payment gateways. Dream big, and we'll transform it into reality. You think it. We build it.

  • Food Business

    Get Grahak is the perfect platform for starting a business under the FMCG category. From Cereals and grains, Dairy products, Fresh fruits and vegetables, Meat and poultry, Seafood, Baked goods, Snacks and confectionery, Sauces, spices, to condiments Get Grahak has your back. With its wide reach and customer base, it provides a lucrative opportunity to showcase and sell your food products. Whether you're a small-scale producer or an established brand, Get Grahak offers a seamless experience for both sellers and customers, ensuring a successful venture in the competitive FMCG industry.

  • Personal Care and Hygiene Products

    Looking to venture into the FMCG industry? Start your own personal care and hygiene products business with Get Grahak. With our platform, you can reach a wide customer base and showcase your high-quality products. From soaps to sanitizers, Get Grahak provides the perfect platform for your business to thrive in the competitive market. Don't miss out on the opportunity to meet the growing demand for personal care products.

  • Household and Cleaning Products

    Start your own household and cleaning product business under the FMCG category at Get Grahak. With a wide range of customers seeking quality and eco-friendly solutions, this platform offers an ideal marketplace for your products. From organic detergents to sustainable kitchen essentials, tap into the growing demand and showcase your brand to a discerning consumer base.

  • Baby and Childcare Products

    Get Grahak offers an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs in the FMCG sector to establish their Baby and Childcare Products business. Benefit from our extensive customer network and user-friendly platform, enabling you to present your distinctive products to a specific audience. Whether it's diapers, baby food, or toys, our marketplace serves as the perfect hub to engage with potential customers and expand your brand presence in the highly competitive beverage industry.

  • Health and Wellness Products

    Discover a lucrative opportunity in the FMCG category by establishing your health and wellness products business at Get Grahak. With its extensive integrations and amazing features, you can effortlessly showcase and sell your premium offerings to health-conscious consumers. Embrace this chance to connect with a wider audience and foster a thriving business in the rapidly growing industry of health and wellness.

How to build your Grocery & FMGC website?


We can deliver your website and application within a few minutes. You will just have to provide us with your business details, and voila! your online store is ready. Then with over 20 modules and integrations and unlimited themes, you can customize your store and make it truly yours.


  • Seamless integration across 20+ modules

    Unlock the potential of Get Grahak, a tailored solution crafted for your business. Elevate your customers shopping experience with a captivating website, intuitive mobile apps, advanced analytics, seamless integration, and secure payment options.

  • Multiple Payment Gateway provides a variety of payment gateways, giving customers the freedom to select their preferred method for smooth and secure transactions, and enhancing online shopping convenience.

  • Affordable subscription plan

    Get Grahak presents a new budget-friendly subscription plan offering unlimited access to premium services and exclusive benefits for only Rs 9 per order. Embrace convenience, savings, and join today!

  • Take Orders from WhatsApp

    Get Grahak facilitates seamless order-taking via WhatsApp, empowering businesses with an intuitive interface for effortless customer orders, efficient management, and enhanced satisfaction.

  • POS system for business

    Tap into the potential of omnichannel commerce using a transformative system that seamlessly merges offline and online purchasing. This eCommerce & POS revolutionize businesses, providing endless benefits to shopping.

  • Scan and Order

    Transform your customer's experience with our Scan & Order innovation, streamlining their journey and boosting happiness.

  • Insights with Analytics

    Get Grahak provides valuable insights with analytics, helping businesses make data-driven decisions for growth and success.

  • Abundant cart

    Get Grahak offers an abundant cart for all your customer’s needs, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

  • Loyalty

    Visit Get Grahak to enjoy personalized discounts and offers that our software selects to maximize sales and keep both your customers and your bank account satisfied.

  • Real time inventory

    Get Grahak offers real-time inventory tracking, ensuring accurate stock information for seamless business operations.

Why choose Get Grahak?


Our efficient service is swift and affordable, while our no-code platform eliminates the need for technical expertise. We fully support your commitment to customers and offer more than just website and application development.

  • Explore your concept.

    At Get Grahak, we encourage you to experiment with your ideas. Our platform provides a safe space to explore, validate, and iterate on your concepts. Take the leap and unleash your creativity as you bring your visions to life. Discover the power of experimentation and watch your ideas transform into successful ventures.

  • Create your website

    Get Grahak offers a seamless platform to create your Grocery & FMGC website with ease. Whether you're a small business owner or a creative professional, their intuitive tools and customizable templates empower you to showcase your brand online. With Get Grahak, you can effortlessly build a stunning website that engages visitors.

  • Get your own domain

    Get Grahak offers the perfect solution to establish your online presence - get your own domain. With a wide range of domain options, you can secure a unique web address that represents your brand. Stand out from the crowd and make a lasting impression with a personalized domain from Get Grahak.

  • Amazing customer support

    Experience exceptional customer support like never before with Get Grahak! Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to providing prompt, personalized assistance for all your queries and concerns. From quick response times to effective problem-solving, we go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions

  • 1. What is point-of-sale feature?

    This software operates the checkout, manages barcodes, processes payments, and updates customer loyalty points.

  • 2. What are the benefits of computerizing a Grocery & FMGC store?

    Embracing digital gives you many time and money-saving benefits: automatically calculate your orders, reach a wider audience and simplify payment management.

  • 3. Is a custom website for Grocery & FMGC businesses expensive?

    The price varies depending on the features your software needs. But at Get Grahak you get over 50 modules & integrations, along with other facilities at just Rs 9 per order.

  • 4. How long does it take to build a business website?

    With Get Grahak you can build your Grocery & FMGC website in just 2 minutes. It's effective and simple. Also, you get to create your Android or iOS application at no extra cost.

  • 5. How can I build retail software?

    Get Grahak makes it as easy as ordering pizza. Enter your business details, choose the template you like, fill in some details, and voila! Your online store is ready.

  • 6. What are the payment methods?

    There are numerous payment gateways so that your customer doesn’t face any issues. (Payment methods are country-specific and some may be unavailable in this country.)

  • 7. Are there any hidden fees?

    No! Our pricing is upfront and guaranteed. There is no additional fee. You only pay for the orders placed.

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